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Palisade Fencing is personal protective equipment made from strong steel which is difficult to penetrate being at least 2mm think in most instances. There are various types of Palisade Fences, with diffirent types of Security features. They keep intruders out, keep children and pets inside, plus the added benefit of not being able to hide behind palisade fences. It is quick and easy to install, increases your property value, all while keeping your loved ones safe and secure against unwanted intruders.

Quick to Install

Palisade fencing installations can be done much faster than traditional brick or boundary walls.

Durable Materials

Palisade fencing required basically no maintenance, making it very durable and a amazing extra layer of security and very cost-effective.


Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Farms, Security Estates, Schools, Properties, Community & Sports Fields, basically almost anywhere you need it.

About Palisades


Palisade Fences had been developed quite some time ago, in Ancient Greece, Rome, America and various other regoins, to protect their military camps, and was was also called a stakewall or paling,… today typically known as a fence or defensive wall made from iron, wood stakes, and or various other materials.

In modern times today, in places like South Africa and others, Palisades are used as a measure of security, to prevent crime for residential houses, businesses, estates, and many more.


Favourable features of Palisade Fences:

  • Serves as excellent boundary security.
  • Difficult to climb over because of spikes.
  • Unable to hide behind the steel fence structure.
  • Strongest kind of fences made with steel.
  • Long lasting, rust resistant, and durable.
  • Very cost effective compared to standard walling.
  • Low or almost non-existant maintenance costs.


Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions with regards to requesting quotes for palisade fencing on this website, please read our answered questions:

Where can I find a Palisade Fences Installers?

To get a price quotation for Palisade Fence Installers, click the Request a Quote button and complete the form with your contact details and requirements. We will send your details to our network of suppliers and they will contact you with their quotations for your Palisade Fence needs.

Can I get Palisade Fence Quotations for free?

Yes! The service is completely free. You don’t even need to register an account with us, you just complete the quotation request form with your valid contact details and suppliers on our network will contact you with their quotations for Palisade Fence services.

Who will I receive quotations for Palisade Fences?

We have access to a network of suppliers of Palisade Fences that are involved in the sale of Personal Protective Equipment. When you submit a quotation request on the site, we will notify these suppliers and they will contact you with their price estimates.

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